When Leadership Improves, Everyone Wins: A Discussion of the Principles of Highly Effective Leadership

The leadership principles in this book are important to the long-term success of our businesses. Whatever our business, we are in a people business and relationships matter greatly. It’s our people, the people doing the work of our companies, who satisfy our clients and produce our results. As leaders, our focus must be our people – their development, growth and wellbeing – and their success. Unfortunately, in today’s business world, we are way too busy. It seems everyone is. There is so much information coming at us, virtually continuously, and many leaders simply are not out of their offices, alongside their people, in conversations with their people, asking how they are doing, and for their ideas, and letting them know they are appreciated. Leadership is so important, never more so than today, with the unending push to do more and more, so many people having more work than they can do in a workday, and the mounting levels of stress our people are feeling. Order your copy of When Leadership Improves today!